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Hi! My name is Sister Allen! I figured I'd reintroduce myself since it's been so long since I wrote an email! Ok fine, it's been two weeks. But enough happens every week that it feels like two years. Or maybe two hours? Time is so relative. But perhaps the reason it is so unnatural to us is because we are not mortals having spiritual experiences, we are spirits having a mortal experience and time doesn't exist where we came from or where we're going in the same way it does here. That's why we need watches. And the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

Speaking of which, I got to partake of the sacrament for the first time in 2.5 months yesterday! We had no bread, and the water came from my water bottle, but we went up to the balcony of our flat complex--higher up than anything else around us, even what seemed like higher than the distant mountains--and our dear friend Jack blessed and passed the sacrament for us under the setting Irish sun. I cried. That was also why I was crying during Sunday Sunshine Hour in case you were worried. 

Yes, it was partly because I was talking about the spirit, but mostly because while Sister Boss was talking about baptism I couldn't help but feel so much gratitude of the simple fact that in a few hours I would be able to renew my baptismal covenant after the longest gap of not doing so since my own baptism 12 years ago. If you have not been baptized, I invite you to consider it. It is not as scary or complicated as it may seem. If you have been baptized but it's been a while since you've renewed that convenant with God, I invite you to consider it. It is not as scary or complicated as it may seem. It is simply a way to invite more of God's power and love into your life!

We were listening to a talk by Sherri Dew as a mission yesterday and she said, "every good thing in my life has come as a result of being part of His kingdom on the Earth today" and I can honestly say the same. 

Other notable things that happened this week:

-couples yoga

-couples yoga but with all 3 of us

We also spent a large chunk of our Saturday evening trying to see SpaceX 9 as it's flight path took it over Tralee, but it was to no avail. Stinkin' clouds. Sometimes I wish I was a cloud though.


Sister Allen


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