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"The Lame-ist Christmas Group Email Ever..."

'Beyond the Bus Route'

Merry Christmas!!! I love you all and hope you have the best Christmas ever. Pray for miracles and they will come. Pray for opporutnities (Mom note: I'm going to leave this misspelled) to serve and they will come. God is in his heaven and all is well in the world. Remember Him and merry and bright your Christmas will be. That is my prayer for all you this Christmas season! 

I'll fill you in on the metaphor being the subject line next week, but for now, just guess what it is!  xxx  I love you all, Sister Allen

2nd mom note: Hehe, Bailee wrote the above email within the last couple of seconds of her p-day while talking to us for about 12 minutes, while sitting in an ice cream shop called Vanilla Joe's because it has 5g internet.... She had had a great day exploring several castles, museums and the country side with a super nice member and didn't have time to write. She also found a seal by the seaside five minutes away from her flat that she said that she had no idea passed by her everyday, WHICH MADE HER DAY!

She assures me that she is wonderful, was so busy this past week that she can't remember all that has happened, and is loving her companion especially all the fun times right before bedtime! (I can only imagine...) She is loving making tons of chocolate covered corn flake clusters because a box of cornflakes is only .50 pence and the chocolate is .75 pence. Sounds like a great missionary budget friendly way to spread holiday cheer! She loves the members and it sounds like she is being well taken care of for Christmas!!!

She wanted me to pass along a huge thank you to all of you for your loving emails and letters of encouragement - it means the world to her! She has felt your love and is very grateful for all the love from back home. THANK YOU!

Not sure why she sent this picture, hehe, I am sure it is of something important! Any ideas please let me know!

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