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The Great Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Ham Pts 1 and 2

Our story starts before I got here. While I was gallivanting across County Antrim in Northern Ireland (the UK) Sister Perez and Sister Boss went to the store to buy some ham in Ireland (not the UK). 

The ham went into the basket, then into the fridge, but never into their mouths. It sat forsaken, slowly working it's way to the back of the fridge where I discovered it's barely recognizable carcass in a Tupperware container 5 weeks later.

I took it out, threw it away, and moved on with my exciting life in quarantine. 

But wait! There's more! 

I walked in the next morning and the kitchen STUNK. Like the dish drop-off in the Provo MTC on any day but Fast Sunday. So what's the natural thing to do? Open the window and put the two containers of rotting meat (there was a singular sausage too) on the 2nd story windowsill! 

So I did that. And I forgot about it. Until sister Boss inquired and I explained. Then I forgot about it again. 

2 DAYS LATER (after the already nasty meat sat there soaking up the Irish sun) we walked into the kitchen (we do that a lot in quarantine) and the ham was GONE. Tupperware, stench, everything. The sausage was still sitting there undisturbed though? 

Then followed the weirdest prayer of my entire life. (“Please help us to be safe while going outside to find our missing ham...”)  and we went outside and very safely looked around and didn't see it. ANYWHERE. I'm no detective, but this was the biggest mystery of my life. 

We went back inside defeated and could only guess that a bird had come, desired its contents, and long story short someone is going to find a tupperware container in their tree in 6 years. 

I just hope tupperware is covered on our insurance. 


The next day, our sausage was gone too!! But this time, the bird left a trail. Of broken tupperware pieces on the street below, the biggest of which had a beak sized hole in the middle.  

We picked it up, very carefully, wanting to preserve the evidence but also our status as good citizens (which was epically ruined later that day anyways so I don't even know why we bothered with picking up the litter #IfYouKnowYouKnow) and...went to pick up our new companion! She was serving in Limerick, so I feel like now would be an appropriate time to share a limerick. 

Sister Sorensen's now back in Utah I'm sure that her mom's shouting "hurrah!" My life she did touch I love her so much I'm so glad we had this last hurrah 

We once got a call from the AP

That made us so very very happy

A trio to-be

Right here in Tralee!

We just couldn't stop shouting YIPEE!

We left Friday morning to get her

I'd consider it quite the adventure 

We sort-of got caught 

And were sort-of distraught

But now have a story for the future

Anywho, after that trip the week just got exponentially crazier until the Sunday climax. 

I cannot articulate the actual GLEE I have felt these past 72 hours. Some updates:

-I am no longer allowed to bless the food

-If you have an announcement you have to stand on a piece of furniture

-If you go on runs in the morning you have to kiss the pole at the end of the hallway every time you pass it

-Sweet potatoes are great tools for killing flies (just make sure you wash them afterwards)

-I cry A LOT when I laugh! I haven't laughed this hard consecutively since Tacoma 2017 #ifYouKnowYouKnow

Some things that are still the same:

-God loves YOU

-I love you too!

-Quarantine is what you make it

-Blueberry juice is delicious ("you pour that blueberry juice like it's the sacrament")

-Birds eat ANYTHING

Sunday was so good! We did a Sunday Sunshine Hour, you are welcome to join in from the Tralee branch page! It's not an actual hour long, it's just 20-30 minutes of me and my companions making a fool of ourselves on camera while hopefully sharing some spiritual thoughts. 

We had a couple people reach out to us afterwards that want to learn more! We had a lesson with one of them yesterday, and the other is tonight! Pray for us! 

We also had the privilege of participating in 2 Sunday School lessons, one of which was with my ward back home! It was so good to just feel everybody's spirit and the spirit so strongly. We're really all in this together, aren't we? Let's not forget that! 

Definitely the weirdest part of Sunday though was that I had the most bizarre dream in the middle of the night that I went to my sister's wedding. I even woke up in the morning wearing her wedding colors? The weirdest part is, my companions had the same dream!!! And my mom could have sworn I was there! 

Definitely zoom in on the screenshot of the wedding, you won't be disappointed by our faces in the corner. 

Well, another week has come and gone in quarantine. They just seem to keep getting better and better! 

Hmm maybe as a last little closing thought I have an invitation for each of you! As part of the sunday sunshine hour we showed the music video "Count Your Blessings" that can be found on Elder Uchtdorf's facebook page. We meant to show a different one, and accidentally sang the same song twice #awkward, but it was meant to be because the video was so good! I invite you to go watch it and make a list of the blessings you've found in quarantine. 

Here are 3 of mine:

1. I'm so grateful for God's perfect plan, and that it really is perfect because he gave me the two companions I needed most right now!!

2.I'm so grateful for the new ham we bought. 

3.I'm so grateful for technology, and that it allows us to stay in touch and keep the work progressing right now. We teach lots of lessons over video call, and I love being able to keep in touch with each of you! 

Hey! If you're 10000% miserable right now or even just 1% not ok, that's ok! There's nothing wrong with you. I feel that way too ALL THE TIME. But guess what? There is HOPE! 1 more week. You got this. There is sunshine at the end of this tunnel, and this darkness is just going to help you appreciate it even more. 

Til we meet (face to face) again,

Sister Allen ️

Mom PS: It's Bailee's birthday this Sunday April 26th. If you have a minute please send her a note!


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