• Sister Allen

The End of the World As We Know It

The year is 2020. Notifications get sent to my phone on the daily about 6.5 earthquakes in Idaho and governor-issued announcements that students will have to redo the current school year, and only some of them are April Fools jokes. The people are panicking, dark clouds are gathering on the horizon, and the sisters in Tralee, Ireland are baking muffins and laughing their heads off about a music video they just made featuring a guitar and some fire alarms. All is well in Zion. 

But despite what the opening paragraph and the title made you think, it's the end of the world as we know it because the Proclamation about the Restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about to rock the world and revolutionize it for the better! 

I totally burned the caramel popcorn yesterday, but hey! Life is good. And it gets better and better as you integrate the words of modern prophets and apostles into it. The universe is really big on balance, right? That's kind of God's thing. Justice and mercy, dark and light, yadiyadiyah. 

We are promised that when the bad gets worse, the good will get better. And so it has. 

What a stellar weekend. What an unforgettable conference. I will keep my words short today, in hopes that instead of reading MY novella you will go listen to the words of authority that have the real power to heal you right now. 

What was your favorite part? I wanna know! Did you cry? I wanna know what part you cried at, because same! 

I hope you had a beautiful weekend, and that you have a beautiful Easter week. Study the life of Christ! Matthew 21 is a great place to start learning about the week leading up to his crucifixion.

Last year I decided that Easter is my favorite holiday, and not just because of Cadbury mini eggs! In the words of either Gordon B. Hinckley, we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas if it wasn't for the events of Easter. Without Easter, Jesus Christ would have just been another baby boy born in Bethlehem. 

AMEN. Stalk me on Facebook to hear more about Easter this week, and I invite you all to study it, pray about it, and REVEL in it this week!

I love you all! Jesus Christ lives, so why shouldn't we be having the time of our lives and fulness of joy right now? 

Let me know how I can help you in that quest! Please! 

The Facebook app along with a dozen others just mysteriously disappeared from every missionary's phone temporarily (Sometimes we have “app snaps” that have to be fixed by church headquarters), which means I cant do my regularly scheduled form of missionary work for a few hours. Let me know what's UP! 

Just remember, a virus so small you cant even see it is WRECKING planet Earth right now, so just think of what all the small and simple things you can do right now will do to change your life and the world! Read and pray and you'll be ok. 

Hey, that rhymed! That must mean it's doctrine!

Ok I'm actually done now. 

Signing off,

Sister Allen


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