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Turns out Brand from Chile can do great Elvis Presley impersonations.

Hope ya'll had a stellar week! He and his family joined the church when he was younger but he hasn't been to church in several years. BUT THEN I got the most distinct impression when I scolled past his profile on FB so I messaged him and said, "How are you?" and looooong story short he is cranking his way through the Book of Mormon right now, is coming back to church, and his mom is making us little felt Gandolf statues for Christmas. He's kind of our BFF at the moment, but the problem is that he still lives in Chile and he's not moving to Dublin until exactly 3 days after I fly home but he doesn't know that yet. Yiiiikes. BUT GUESS WHAT this is still a huge testament that spiritual impressions are REAL, FB finding works, and no unhallowed hand (or ocean) can stop the work from progressing! Ah man we love that guy. He always just lights up when he tells us how happy he feels when he prays, and how much God is blessing him for making him a part of his life right now.

Hmmm....other notable happenings of the week! I've already taken two naps today and I'm bout to take another one probably so rather than trying to articulate fresh content here's an excerpt from my journal entry on Wednesday:

"Today we wrapped two copies of the Book of Mormon and gave them to people on the streets! I gae mine to someone who looking like they could have been part of my DnD campaign (he was just a millennial with curly hair and that crazy kind of look in his eyes...might have been a druid or a baird but certainly not trustworthy) and Sister Yates gave hers to an expecting mother. We taught Jake, an old man who loves butterflies and knows something of that "little man in the woods named Smith" and said I'm not allowed to give his sister's address to my friend serving near Fort Lauderdale FL. We had a pass lesson with a mad echo and Joao + Grazy + Elder Peterson + Elder Johnstun and taught Renan and he's been doing a missionary course and is going on a mission to Turkey in February! Not quite. We also called Oisin and he said the closing prayer and said, "Father, I wish this could have been more time consuming tonight. Lol grateful for him!"

You heard that right, folks. Unfortunately we had to pass Joao and Grazy to Clonsilla, but--they are basically ready to be baptized as soon as they are legal again! Unfortunately we got a big no from the stake presidency that doesn't have an expiration date, so it might be a while. BUT why focus on the downsides when there are so many more upsides to life at the moment? Such as the following:

1. I had my third exchange with Sister Wilson and we put Oisin on date for baptism!

2. We also taught Lee for like the 1200th time together and he is really progressing towards his "baptismal date" right now too! He has had such a mighty change of heart since the first time we taught him together and loves online church more than most of the members do I'm pretty sure.

3. I ate a sweet pork burrito (Warning: NOT the same as cafe rio)

4. I saw Orion's belt and the big dipper for just about the 2nd time on my mission

5. sister Yates kidnapped a deer

6. While we were filming a video about the nativity, we starting talking to a Really Cool Girl from Spain and we got her number so we can meet up and talk more about the church!

7.We were able to start teaching PALOMMMAAAAAAA our friend from English Class! If you know anyone in Dublin who wants free English classes or even just a good laugh let me know!

8.We had zone conference with the whole mission and President Macdonald said, "defeat is nothing but education; it is the first step towards something better" And I FELT that. This year has been the lowest number of baptisms this mission has ever seen. But rather than blaming it all on Covid (Um Mark 8:13), which we very well could do, we are choosing to focus on what we've learned through our defeats this year and make a monumental comeback next year!!!!!

9. Watched the Fighting Preacher as a mission, highly recommend

10. MY FRIEND SAMANTHA WAS BAPTIZED IN SCOTLAND!!!! Yep. Disclaimer: About the same time that baptisms went under for us again this fall, Scotland received permission from the government to baptize for the first time since March! Samantha is a friend I met while I was serving in Irvine last February, We had a very instant connection, even though she came to the wrong church building. I lost touch with her for about 6 months, but then she found me on FB and told me she's getting baptized and that she wanted me to speak at it! It was such a privilege to be able to witness her making this promise via zoom and be able to support her after all this time! Covid might be a shrekker, but President Macdonald said that he's never met such prepared converts and that was certainly the case with Samantha! Ah wow I'm just so happy for her.

Honestly I think that's all I've got for you this week, folks. I could certainly mention the fireworks that someone put in a planter box in the plaza outside our flat, (front row seats bby!) and the story behind some of these photos, but I'm just going to leave them up to interpretation.

Toodleoo and a Merry Christmas to you,

Sister allen

PS: Sorry, Sister Allen forgot to send the pictures.... so I guess we won't have to interpret them until next week!

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