• Sister Allen

Strawberry Flavored Mineral Water

I had a really witty title, but I forgot it. So I just decided to call it one of my favorite worldy things.

Me: "Hey guess what Jaden I'm engaged TOO!"

Jaden: "Awkward you're a missionary"


Jaden: "Well I'm anxiously engaged in a BETTER cause."

Ya got me there, kid. My sister picked out a good one.

Today we went to the store to buy two weeks worth of groceries in preparation for Corona which is why I don't have a lot of time to write (amongst a lot of other reasons) as directed by the European Area Presidency, but I'm fine, everything's fine. There's no better cause I'd rather be anxiously engaged in. Drink your hand sanitizer and wash your hands in vitamin C everyone!

That's my spiritual thought of the week.

Alive and well,

Sister Allen

ps. I'm so sorry this is a MESS

Mom PS; Hehe, Bailee's sister Madi got engaged this past week, I believe she was a little side tracked today!


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