• Sister Allen

Solemnities of Eternity

Good morning!

I'm in Belfast, aye so I am, and spent a few to many minutes in the glasshouses at Queen's University and a used bookshop not unlike Aladdin's cave, so I don't have much time to write.

But I wanted to quickly testify that the spirit guides us in all aspects of our life when we allow him to. This week he lead me to a village called Magarafelt to reconnect with a son of Heavenly Father who desperately needed to feel loved, guided my pen to write the words on cards that two people needed to hear, and helped me find lost Irish ancestors that were pleading from beyond the veil for their work to be done.

But really I just wanted to say that I don't have the Corona virus, God is aware of you, and the solemnities of eternities are yours for the taking. I dont really know what that means, but I found it in Doctrine and Coventants. If you could shed some light on what it means, let me know!


Sister Allen


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