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Restoration Fireside this Sunday on Facebook

Sister Allen and Sister Boss will be hosting a live Facebook fireside in celebration of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ this Sunday, March 29. For clarification: They will be starting the fireside at 6 p.m. Ireland time. Which means it will be at 12 o'clock (noon) our time here in Utah.

Sister Allen would LOVE and HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all of us to send in any questions that they could answer during the fireside. i.e. Sydney from St. George, Utah asks, "How can I feel peace during this time of uncertainty?" Please help her out by having questions sent to her ASAP. She is hoping to have many questions to chose from. Several of them will be pre-recorded by missionaries to make transitions easier during the fireside. The missionaries in her mission will be spreading the word about the fireside so they hope to have many people join them!

There will be special musical numbers prepared by missionaries in the Scotland/Ireland mission, along with a couple of brief spiritual thoughts about the glorious light restored to the earth by Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith.

We just got off the phone with her this morning, she can call us two times a week now to check in, yay! She is doing amazing! She is healthy, happy and well. She also has told us that she is not bored! That in fact there are many exciting things in the work through technology. This is just one of the first. So stay tuned..... there will be more ways to watch her spread joy coming soon! Lots of people have asked us if she is coming home. She told us this morning that right now President Ballard has told her mission that they are staying!

She has also been able to continue teaching several people using technology in their area and previous areas that she has served in. The work is progressing!

Here is the link to the Facebook live event. Please spread and share the link is public and everyone is invited to join.



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