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OK SO you know how Anne of Green Gables always has good intentions but always ends up wrecking her life? 

HAHA ME. A theme I've really loved in the scriptures lately is that the Lord judges us for the desires of our hearts, even when things don't go according to plan. I've really tried to do the same for others this week and pray they do the same for me! Have mercy! 

Tuesday was Sister Yates' 8 month mark and as my primary love language is making people food, I naturally and very sneakily made her an apple spice cake in the morning. When I pulled it out of the oven though, it was burnt and collapsed and I burned the caramel too so I was in a Mood™️ all day long hahahaaaaaaa (literally after district Council I just laid on the floor and cried, but that's because Elder Heckathorn is really good at impersonating bashers). Anywhoooo, I told Sister Y I was sorry for being a trainwreck at the end of the day and we decided to cut the cake anyways and it turned wasn't burnt at all? Like, AT ALL? And was actually my favourite recipe I've ever baked? And at that point I wasn't mad about the cake, I was mad at myself for being mad about the cake.  

And that brings us to general conference brothers and sisters! I loved the emphasis on eternal perspective. When all of this is over, what's going to matter to us? What's going to matter to God? 

One day we're going to realize that the cake wasn't actually burnt and that it was in God's hands all along, and as Elder Uchtdorf said, something unimaginable is going to come from all this! 2020 may look like the most burnt and crispy year ever, but take heart and grab a fork. 

Anywho, definitely study conference! Deeply. Even if you don't associate yourself with the church, you can't go wrong. I literally felt like 2 hours of straight peace during the first session? C'mon people, who doesn't want that?? 

We had a mega conference miracle! We went down to grab some packages and they weren't there, but instead we ran into someone we've been praying to run into again ever since we first saw him! Then in the middle of a session our pizza arrived from the mission home that we got for cleaning our flat (we're so spoiled it kills me haha) and we ran into him AGAIN and this time our packages were there! We invited him to conference, now we're BFF's. Turns out he lives in the flat of people that came out into the hallway when we were making loud noises trying to break into our flat when we were locked out, awkward. But God's perfect timing nonetheless. 

Anywho, sorry I wasn't able to muster up any eloquence in my email today. There was plenty of that in conference though, so definitely go watch it! 

Respectfully wrecked,

Sister Allen

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