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O Go, O Go, Emmanuel

There are, fundamentally, 2 reasons why missionaries don't write group emails. The first, is that there isn't anything particularly significant to talk about. The second, there is so much Significance™️ in the present circumstance that there's just not enough time to talk about it. You can rest assured knowing that the latter is the case at hand, I'M SO SORRY.

BROTHERS AND SISTERS, WHAT A RIDE.  “How great reason have we to rejoice; for could we have supposed when we started . . . that God would have granted unto us such great blessings?” (Alma 17) I, much like Alma and Amlulek, cannot suppose right now. My Supposeth Meter has been surpassed by all the wonderful things happening here in Tralee as of late.  The first, that I have had the privelege of eating pizza for the past six meals straight.  The second, that I survived the 3 day juice cleanse my companions and I did a couple weeks ago, and actually found it quite enjoyable.  The third, whelp, there's a lot tied for third.  Here are some highlights over the past few weeks! Moves call! We recieved our moves call on Saturday! And then we recieved a follow up moves call a few hours later saying that transfers have been cancelled for the Republic of Ireland until further notice because it is illegal for us to move right now! I cannot suppose what the future holds, but I guess I'll let you know when I get to where I'm going!  We have also been teaching our two best friends in all of Tralee! We found them both on Facebook, through different accounts at different times. Their names both start with J, and independently of each other have made the decision to be baptized as soon as baptisms are made legal by our friendly neighborhood gaurda! The coolest part is? They are, (drumroll please) COUSINS! And they are also friends with our third friend who wants to be baptized!  So alas, if all goes as planned, the trio will be baptizing a trio. Please pray for them! That's the bad part about not writing a weekly---you don't know who to pray for! Please pray for our Traleean Trio. Please and most especially thank you.  Ok a fun story, if I may. We had our bible study class on Wednesday night, and one of our friends came who's name can be found in the title of my group email. He was Very High at the time, and wasn't entirely making sense during the call haha. He had a notion of interrupting people's testimonies and sharing nonsensical stories and asking how old I am. So we were silently praying (O Go, O Go, Emmanuel!) and eventually kindly removed him from the group (but it's ok because we made him think bible study was over) and moved along on our merry little way.  We also went to the ocean, and listened to lots of Enya, and drank lots of peppermint tea. You know, the kinds of things you do when you're trying to take care of yourself! So alas, there's no need to worry. All is well.  "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you!” D&C 88:63 Anywho! Sister Allen PS. OH YEAH!! I ALSO WENT TO DINGLE! GOOGLE IT! TAKE THAT LIBERTY THAT I DON'T HAVE! It's the place where the Last Jedi was filmed, which makes it Very Cool along with a lot of other reasons. One of which being that a large chunk of my Irish ancestry is from there! Oh bless. It was beautiful. I'm not sure why they ever left! PPS. IF IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE ANYONE'S TOLD YOU, YOU CAN DO HARD THIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!!!!!! (Philippians 4:13 )


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