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No Rain No Gain

Hello, friends!!

Once upon a time we made gingerbread cookie dough and left the extra dough in the fridge and forgot about it for a week and went to bake it a week later and the cookies tasted like the fridge and we didn't notice until we'd given them to the ward mission leader. We tasted them afterwards and I said,

 "You can take the cookie dough out of the fridge, but you can't take the fridge out of the cookie dough!."

Morals of the story: 1. Taste everything before you give it away 2. Give the rest of the cookies to the lady in the ward that has smoked for 30 years and doesn't have tastebuds. She'll love them!!!!! 3. Be careful who/what you hang around because you'll start to taste like them after a while. If you're a gingerbread cookie but you wanna taste like onions and old peppers, by all means hang around onions and old peppers! Don't get me wrong, everyone's a child of God, but if you're a gingerbread cookie and you wanna taste like the best gingerbread cookie in the world, have boundaries and stay in a tupperware container instead of an open mixing bowl. End rant! We had a lesson with our best friend Davey in his greenhouse on Friday and when we ran into him on Saturday in town he gave us a HUGE basket full of food! We didn't have to buy any groceries except stuff to make paninis (obviously) so we spent our grocery money on baking supplies and are going to make more cookies than usual this week to light the world! Light the world in your own special way this week! Do your thing! If it's making cookies and banana bread to invite your friends to the global Come and See this weekend, do it! If it's not, do whatever your thing is! You've got one, and the world needs it!  I have a story about being woken up at 6:28 by a bright light when Sister Christensen plugged in a heating pad with the wrong adapter, remind me to tell you next week! In the meantime, enjoy this gif of me getting eaten by a giant octopus and getting laughed at by a passing homeless person. That's all for now, folks! Read your yearly dosage of Luke 2 and make the most of the nine days until Christmas! 

Sister Allen


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