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Moldy Bread n' Miracles

Perhaps, though not certainly, the miracle itself is that we didn't die from eating moldy bread on our picnic. 

But alas! It is accompanied by even mightier miracles still. 

Like the fact that we made Easter Enchiladas yesterday, a tradition we started on a whim that will follow us both to the grave. And maybe beyond? Who knows, have we figured out if we will eat after we die? It's a perfect plan, so I'm going to assume Easter Enchiladas will become a thing of eons.

Would you mind if I explained my week in pictures? No? Good, because I'm a lil rusty when it comes to words now, because Sister Boss and I almost exclusively communicate using eyebrow movement. 

I love her, really truly, and not just because it's a commandment or because she deserves a medal for spending 24 hours a day in the same room as me (nobody has had to endure such tribulation since before I could walk) but because she

1. is really really bad at finding easter eggs

2. is a really really good listener

3. is a really really fun pic-a-nicking buddy

4. hit her 1 year mark on Friday and gave me an excuse to make an ice cream cake

I digress. As promised, our week in pictures (and perhaps a video)


Whelp, it wasn't quite a desert, and our chicken salad sandwiches weren't quite like the fried chicken we use for Easter picnics back home, but it was as close as I could get mom! 

A drunk guy asked us what time it was and if we had any alcohol we could donate to him. Unfortunately we could only give him the time, as that seems to be what we all have in excess these days. 

We passed a shop window that was selling hand sanitizer for 7 euro a bottle (8ish US dollars) like, WHAT?! Water is so much healthier to drink and its practically free, c'mon people! 


What a day. It was the worldwide fast! We broke our fast that night with chicken squares and ice cream cake, minus the ice cream cake because it wasn't finished. I sent her on an Easter egg hunt that ultimately led her to a card hidden inside a package of frozen tortillas in the freezer. 

I thought it would take her maybe 5 minutes, but she spent 15 minutes trying to find a single egg in one of our three bathrooms. Oh yeah! Because we were officially moved into the senior couple's flat! Comfy beds + real toilet paper + ridiculously spacious FTW!

All in all, a good good day. 

FACEBOOK FINDING -- Video All you really need to know, or I guess want to know about that, or probably don't even want to know, is that Facebook finding is and I have been asked out on more dates this week than I did in high school? Weird flex, I'm not used to being the one doing the rejecting, but whatever the Lord asks of us, ya know? 

Hmm, yeah. Sorry. I don't have context for any of the other attached pictures. 

I do have the results of the pancake contest for all who saw them on Facebook though!

1. The Liahona

2. The St. George Temple (I sent anyone who could name the specific temple ALL my conference memes)


For Easter yesterday, we called all the branch members and shared a lil Easter message with them! We went off on a lil bit of a tangent with the Sunday School teacher, Robert, who is a writer and Nerd™️ and was very happy to learn that I can relate to at least one of those things.

We talked of binary and star trek, of books written and unwritten, of allegories drawn from solar eclipses and pi as Sister Boss's eyes slowly glazed over. 

He told me, “wow when you mentioned pi there I wouldn't have been surprised if you rattled off 30 or 40 digits of it!”

To which I thought, “I've waited my entire life for this moment” and said outloud, “welllll, I wouldn't want to disappoint you” and recited the first 54 digits in 2 breaths. 


“Well the next time the Knight kids tell me I'm a nerd I'm going to tell them to go talk to you.” 

I'm fine with that, I miss kids. Sister Boss and I are slowly reverting back into kids as each day in quarantine passes, but it's not quite the same. 

So we see, at the end of this DREADFULLY long and uneventful email, that the greatest miracle of all is that God love us, Jesus Christ lived and died for us, and Sister Boss and I are still alive. And considerably well. 

I'd love to hear how you are all doing, not because I'm as good of a listener as Sister Boss is, but because this life is about people and my mission is about people and you are all people and you are MY people! And I love you! 

And I hope you have an eventful week of your own, and promise it will be if you put down your phone. 

That's all it takes, really. At that point something is BOUND to happen. And I'd love to hear whatever it is!

Here today and probably tomorrow,

Sister Allen

A watercolor picture that Sister Allen drew


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