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Loomond's Big Hats for Big Heads, Slan

I don't mean to sound dramatic but Slan means goodbye in Irish and I had to say that to a LOT of kindred spirits, I was officially deported from Ireland after 9 beautiful months there without a visa (long story, we did our best), and am mooching wifi in a sketchy McDonalds parking lot in an industrial park in NORTHERN IRELAND, on my way to pinkwash DERRY LONDONDERRY NORTHERN IRELAND with none other than SISTER CRAGUN who when to a school dance with Devin Bunnell! So class. God is so, so good. Everything fell into place this weekend. We were about to recite the first vision to Isac when president called about moves, and everything felt so RIGHT and then Isac accepted a baptismal date right afterwards yay!! It was wonderful to see the change in his countenance when felt the impression to “humbly follow God's will” and be baptized!! I invite you all to humbly do his will too, no matter what it is, and know he will do wonders among you as you do!


sister Allen

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