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Load of Heroine

Storytime. Thursday night. Maybe Tuesday. Friday? I genuinely can't remember. We were EXHAUSTED. But that's every night I guess. Dorrie calls us from the hospital, she had taken a nasty fall since the last time we talked to her 24 hours earlier. Her spirits were high as a kite though and we had a jolly good time, but by the end of it we just couldn't stop yawning!!! “Sister Allen, I can see your tonsils! You sisters are so tired I would think you'd just taken a load of heroin!” This is where I take the creative license to change “heroin” to “heroine!” Once upon a time, a fearless Brazilian named Mariely gave me some wonderful advice for being the heroine of your own story while we were sitting in the grass playing the guitar:



Unfortunately I'm the poster child for Bad Self Care inc. But I had a tender mercy this week that reminded me that God wants us to take care of ourselves too! 

It wasn't much, I was just calling potentials in the phone for an hour before dinner one day and when the clock hit 5:00 I thought to myself, “ok I'm just going to call one more number” and started randomly scrolling through the contacts with my eyes closed and prayed I would land on the right person to call that needed God right now. When I finally stopped, my finger had landed on the contact “DB STL ALLEN”.....which is me! Out of 1727 contacts, God literally lead me to my own name. I was annoyed for a second, and then I realized it was a little sign from God letting me know that it's ok for me to take time for myself and focus on my own connection with him! 

This is a true principle! Pure doctrine. How many times in the scriptures do we read about prophets and peasants alike (though they were often one and the same) taking time to hike a mountain and commune with God? Or dwell in a tent for a bit pondering things that really matter? Or, literally sleep and recieve revelation through their dreams! The scriptures set the precedent to make intentional time to Hear Him!

I pray that we can all take the time to do so this weekend during general conference! Be an intentional listener, and maybe even write down some questions or concerns you have before it starts and the Lord will do wonders among you!

He did wonders among us here in Dublin this week! We had several new friends join our English class this week, and 2 of them volunteered to say the prayers! English class was also the humour highlight of our week. We were practicing “ih” and “ee” sounds and it got a bit explicit. Nothing I don't hear in emails from my parents though ;) 

We also went hat shopping with a man named Paddy from Cuba, ate extremely authentic Indian food with our FB friends Abishek and Sheetal, and were proposed to several times each. Love that!  Abishek bought us theeee best homemade donuts on this side of the Atlantic, and then we were craving them for the next 24 hours straight, and after doing service with the relief society president she literally bought us the EXACT. SAME. DONUTS. God is SO GOOD. She was like, “now we're going to take several illegal turns to get to The Rolling Donut, but if anyone stops you just tell them you're with me and I'm with healthcare.” (shrugs) Anything for those donuts honestly. 

Jajajaa this is getting sooo long sorry but I just HAVE TO TELL YOUUUUUUU Elder Holland and Elder Patrick Kearon spoke at our stake conference broadcast last night! They both hold a very special place in my heart, but what I didn't know is that both of them have significant amounts of Irish blood! They spoke of the history of the church in Ireland, the conversions of their Irish lineage, and a great many more things. Here's just one quote from each of them that I loved! Elder Kearon: “Thankfully we have the veil, if we didn't, we'd be lost in painfully exquisite homesickness.”

Elder Holland: “I'm the most fortunate of all my Irish descendants and I owe something to them. They must've said to me in the premortal existence, 'We'll go down now to starve to death so that you can go and have everything. We're going to do our part and you'd better do your part and one day you'll link us all together.' 

While I live, I want to do my duty. I want the Latter-Day Saints to do their duty. The eyes of God and all the holy prophets are watching us. Let us do our duty. It's our day the prophets dreamed about. They did everything they did against all odds in faith that someday, somehow, it would work.”

I owe my life to my British ancestors and the sacrifices they made for me and especially for God! And when I see them again I'm going to thank them, and I want to be able to say that I did my best while I was here. 

Honestly I can't (who can?), and that's why I didn't get sent home when Corona hit. But never fear! I've still got months ahead of me to give to those behind me. 

Going back to sleep!!

Sister Allen Pictures: ☆ Every video call with Dorrie ever ☆If you look at The Spire from a specific angle, it either looks like the Straight and Narrow path or you can see the angel Moroni on top!

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