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"Insert Cool Phrase Here"

Or, if you're too lazy too like me, the email title can be “50 Shades of Green,” which is what Sister Boss said about the Killarney National Park, which we went to today! 

On second thought, let's go ahead and call it “Poetry and Prose.” This weekly is mostly going to be pictures, which isn't actually a bad thing, because it's been a while since I've sent any. Enjoy! Here are some bullet points though to go along with the pictures: 1.This week we taught one of our friends in person for the first time that's on date for baptism! That was cool. We gave him copies of the Book of Mormon for his Dad and brother, then he posted about it on Facebook! Yay! 2. We had a dinner appointment with our dear friend named Alice, who was on Ireland's world championship karate team in the 80s and fed us cat head scones on fancy china and we talked about ancient  knitting patterns and psychoanalyization  and Egyptian temples and all manner of wholesome things and it awakened something inside me, something poetic, that has been dormant for a very long while. I've been smothered in prose as of late, I suppose you could say. But it was nice to talk to another Maker! About Making things! And her chocolate cookies were delicious, even if they did have a bit of confirmed cat hair in them.  3. We taught Terry in the park, who is looking for Jesus! He found us, or rather we found him, so hopefully we can help him on his quest! 4. Reached my transfer goal of being able to do 10 clapping pushups in a row, by doing not just 10, but 12!! 5. Spent the majority of the week in zoom meetings with the mission home, or at least it felt like it.  6. Read the Bible Dictionary entry on FAITH. SO GOOD. I invite you to each go and do the same!!  Yeah! Oh yes we went to Killarney today. As in Bing Crosby's “Christmas in Killarney.” The very same. We grabbed McDonald's for lunch and ate it at a CASTLE sitting on the shore of a MISTY LOCH and there were deer! Life is too good to be true. Ya feel? The good news is, IT IS TRUE! AND THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! AND JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR YOU. AND HEAVENLY FATHER REALLY TRULY LOVES YOU! Not feelin it still? Go outside and share it with someone! That's the secret! Wanna know another secret? MILKA IS THE BEST BRAND OF CHOCOLATE.  God save the queen, (oh wait, He already has, and you too while he was at it, so don't worry about a thing,) Sister Allen


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