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If you can read, you can bake

A lot happened this week, aye so it did, but I don't know that I have too much to say about it.

I accidentally joined a protest! 

We invited a lot of people to be baptized and two of them accepted baptismal dates! 

I had a mega sleepover with Sister Sellers all weekend and we made a FB video about how bad I am at running!

Aaaaannndddd I picked up my new companion Sister YATES! She is from Edinburgh, SCOTLAND! You heard that right, folks, a year into my mission, and I just got my first companion that's not from Utah! I'm really excited for this transfer, I got to know her cousins really well in Irvine (they are some of my favorite people) and she's just like them!

I had a dream this week where I just KNEW that the Book of Mormon was the word of God without even a shadow of a doubt and I was so excited in my dream that I left my entire life behind and devoted everything I had for the rest of my life to telling people about it. I'm not there yet honestly, but I realized that I want to be! 

God has really ran with that desire this week and my testimony has grown so much as I've focused on the promises God makes to his children in the Book of Mormon! 

I guess that kind of goes along with the title of my email, which was a quote from a lady we had dinner with yesterday. Which, for the record, was the best food of my entire life probably. I'm sorry to anybody that is offended by that statement. Too often we think it's too hard to do great amazing things, but if we can read, we can BAKE! 

And if we can read, we can learn all about the amazing promises God has made to us! We don't even need to be able to read honestly, our friend David that's getting baptized tomorrow comes from a village in Africa where bible stores were passed down orally from generation to generation and he has one of the strongest testimonies of anyone I've ever met! And his parents don't even have BIRTHDAYS! 

Hey guess what??? God ALWAYS keeps his promises.

THAT is something I do know to be true.


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