• Sister Allen

I am a Horse

Good morning! 

After preparing a dinner of baked beans on toast with a side of brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes, it dawned on me just very much I've been indoctrinated by the Scots. It's for the best, I promise, but if I show up to a ward Christmas party in the far distant future with rhubarb pie or neeps n tatties I beg you not to cower in fear. I am still one of you.

Aaaaand that's all! Have the best week ever! Just remember, all the crazy things happening in the world are signs that Christ is coming!!! Buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

Sister Allen

mom note: And that's all folk's! She didn't have much time.... Let's all email her and ask her why she started her email with "I am a horse"! Hehe, We will probably never know.

"The Crooked Smile Club"


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