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Don't come fresher than when direct from the farm

Conas tá tú?

How are you? 

I learned that yesterday from our dear friend Dorrie, a spry old lady in the ward who teaches us Irish in exchange for...well, nothing! She just loves to teach us Irish! Yesterday just as we were ending a video call with her my OWN Grandma sent me an email with three pieces of advice in it which I shared with Dorrie and I would love to share with you now:

1.You can't hide a piece of broccoli inside a glass of milk

2. Laughing is like jogging inside

3. Prayer is the best wireless connection!

And she's RIGHT! Especially the last one! I actually haven't received a testimony of the first one yet. I'll have to experiment upon her words and let you know what I think.

This week was WILD. Updates:

☆COVID-19 came back to say hello and now church is cancelled again 

☆Sister Francis is now home in Utah, but Satan put up a reeeaaaally good fight to keep her here


Brothers and Sisters, all is not lost! 

It's ridiculously easy to think that sometimes, but don't be fooled. In the words of Dumbledore, “4 leaf clovers can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to squat down and look.”

Story: When we were dropping off Sister Francis for her last supper with President and Sister Macdonald, we got there early so we naturally squatted down and started looking for clovers. Sister Macdonald snuck up on us and took a picture of us lollll. They caught us looking for clovers on a couple other occasions this week too, one of which resulted in President Macdonald yelling, “HEY YOU CRAZY KIDS, GET OFF MY LAWN!” Worth it though, because I found a six leaf clover!

YEAH. And then I put it in one of our Portuguese copies of the Book of Mormon and forgot which one! I'm sure it will come back eventually though, don't worry! 

They always do! SO MANY lessons fell through this week, but I'm sure they'll come back in God's timing! Like this: Really Cool Miracle, I found a man on FB who currently lives in Chile but really wants to join the church now after we messaged for a bit! He is so prepared. He used to play soccer at the church, but lost contact with the missionaries for many years. Until I messaged him and said, “Hey! How are you?” I passed him to the missionaries in Chile but I'll keep in contact with him! God is so good! 

The leaves are starting to get crunchy now (#ifYouKnowYouKnow) and it's no longer still light outside when I go to sleep. But alas, we can always count on the sun rising again the next day!

We've started doing something biweekly called “Songs for the Soul” and this week we talked a little bit about grace! You can find it on my FB if you want. 

Anywho, during it I talked about the concept of always being able to count on the sun rising and the lyric, “grace shall be as your day” from the hymn Come, Come Ye Saints. The grace of God is a constant in our lives. We can always count on it, and we don't need to earn it. Just like we don't earn a sunrise!

In the words of Anne Shirley of Green Gables, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet!” You deserve to have the best day ever tomorrow, just by virtue of the fact that you are a child of God! The literal, actual, creator of the universe whether you recognize him as such or not! Don't get a big head over it, but REALLY. Really. Please. Trust in these words:

God is your loving heavenly father.

And everything is going to be ok.

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