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Counting Cranes


I'm in Dublin! This is a magical place where we set goals, we put spinach into everything we eat, and we contact people while we eat said spinach, so God helps us reach our goals! This week I've learned the true beauty of caring for yourself so that you can care for others.  I found my friend Javier on Facebook my first day here, and he is progressing so much! He is from Chile. He told us that there are lots of other people that could really benefit from meeting with us, and suggested that we post in a certain Facebook group. So we did. And I have never had such a busy week in my entire mission! We have started getting messages every day from kindred spirits from all over the globe who now live in Dublin who want to hear what we have to say about Jesus Christ.  I also got to conduct an exchange for the first time, and my companion for the day was THE ONE AND ONLY SISTER BOSS. What a good throwback. We got Thai food, explored Glasnevin, a cemetery with 1.5 million people buried in it. And did some Facebook Finding in the national botanical gardens of Ireland. While we were there we posted something in a Au Pair group about Jesus Christ + making new friends, and this girl reached out that actually lives in Sister Boss's new area that wanted to learn more! She is AMAZING and came to church with them yesterday! EXCHANGE MIRACLES ARE REAL. Speaking of church, we got to go to church yesterday for the first time in 4 months! It was such a unique experience. We went to a mexican restaurant called El Grito on Saturday with some recent converts and the other missionaries in the Finglas ward! I'm not used to serving around other missionaries! I haven't since my first 6 weeks in the field!  Social skills: -10/10 Quality of Mexican food: +12/10.  Which is really only a difference of like 2.2, but REALLY.  It was the best Mexican food I've had since leaving the holy land of Mexican Food aka America and it was so fun to see everyone! Maria, a friend that got baptized on Tuesday, made an almond cake that was SO GOOD. I ASPIRE to be able to bake like a Brazilian. Honestly I just aspire to be Brazilian.  We got to attend a couple of baptisms this week, and chills went up my spine every time! The eternities are REAL. Sister Blatter (my brilliant angel of a companion from Midway, UT) and I have talked a lot about eternal rounds and good things to come this week.  My favorite song lyrics I heard this week were: "I want what you want, Lord, and nothing less."  My initial reaction was, "don't you mean, nothing MORE?"  But after pondering for a moment, I was impressed that, No. Anything we want that is not what the Lord wants is inherently Lesser. There is no plan, no dream, no desire, that is Greater in magnitude and perfection that what the Lord has conjured up out of pure space just for YOU. Trust him! I invite you to pray to Him today, even if it's the first time you've ever prayed. And first of all ask if the creator of the universe is really there. Then ask Him whatever you want. Tell Him your dreams, and ask Him what His dream is for you. And He will answer. And it will be well with your soul. Ciao Ciao.  Sister Allen


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