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This week was graaaaand, like. I'm grateful for the deep assurances I received this week that God really does hear and answer prayers! I prayed, maybe 2 weeks ago, that I would see a ginko tree here in this Dublin of mine. It was a real prayer, the kind when you're on your knees and are hyperfocused only on sweet communion with your maker, nothing else. I prayed very sincerely that I would see one! And not even a week later, I stepped on a leaf as we approached a crosswalk and noticed it was bright yellow and fanshaped and had parallel venation and then i noticed another and another and another that led us straight back to...a ginko tree! And I knew God gave me this experience so that I could share it with others so I told our friend Daniel about it!! aandd....he totally didn't get it because he doesn't speak English and we teach him in half sign language and half broken spanglish. But it was such a cool miracle nonetheless!

Another miracle: One of our friends has been really naughty lately and keeps looking up anti and things that make him hate the God of the Old Testament. So I told Sister Yates at like 6:34am one morning that I had a brilliant idea and we should just hijack his wifi so he has no choice but to just read the Book of Mormon instead! And then he didn't respond to our messages all day and we started to get worried, until he told us that he couldn't respond because his wifi broke that morning and would be down all weekend. Luckily he lives across the hall from us so we were able to meet together and watch church in the stairwell together! It was the first time I went to church with shoes on in like 3 months!

A quote about bread: And thus we see that God really does answer the prayers of his children according to the desires of their hearts! If you haven't seen those answers manifest themselves yet, take heart and listen to this cool quote I found this week!

"As we pray each morning for our daily bread, people are already hard at work in the bakeries." --Lee hardy

God really does have a plan just for you. He's already put it into motion!

I am on a quest to find the best sourdough bread in Dublin! Look at this bread I bought from a ?? Jamaican ?? market that we found just around the corner from our flat! What a specimen.

An honest to goodness tender mercy from the Lord: A couple weeks ago I had the thought, "I wish I could just joint teach with my Dad" while I was opening the refrigerator. And then later that same day, Elder Kopishke, during the mission tour, gave us permission to teach with our family members at home when we feel it would help them/our friends!! On Saturday night, I got to teach our friend friend Wilson with my dear Grandma Sue, and it was just what we all needed! She testified so sincerely that, "The plan's a workin' " and it brought such a special spirit! This work really is all about family, isn't it?? So I'm so grateful we have the opportunities to involve our families! Can I just say how grateful I am for my family?? And our Heavenly Parents?? Most people don't even know we lived with them before this life, or that there even was a premortal existence! This is a truth that drives me forward each and every day.

Something to end with: I'm really sorry I don't share more details about what I do each day and week! But if I did I'm afraid it would sound a bit like the grinch reading off his schedule:

"2:30? Add random people on Facebook. 3:00? Designated outside time. 3:30? BINGO! Back to Facebook. 4:00? reply to messages 4:30? YOU GUESSED IT! Reply to more messages 5:00? Take a nap for dinner because this life is EXHAUSTING!"

The redundancy of our schedule in lockdown has really helped me slow down my brain and focus on why I'm here and why I do the things I do. There's nothing romanticized about it, but to tell you the truth there's nothing I'd rather be doing!! I really am just grateful to be here and I'm grateful for Jesus Christ, who never ceases to amazing me with his small and simple methods of changing our friends lives in great and marvelous ways and ours too in the process! I also don't have a lot of pictures to share haha, as most of my current life documentation is just screenshots to be shared at a later day!

Have a CLASS thanksgiving! As our friend Jheferson said of President Nelson's message, “that video arrived at my heart!”

♡//Seester Allen

ps. We started teaching a guy named Oisin who studies PLANTS and he's IRISH I'm so EXCITED.

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