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Bramblin' On

Some quotes from this week:

Phyllis: “Did you said it's 2020? Already? I knew it was 20something!”

Sister Allen: “They're from very much Mexico” (referring to conchas, a Mexican pastry thing, I'm literally losing my English due to how simply we teach here) 

Sister Yates: “NO don't pick brambles from the knee down, those are the ones the dogs pee on!” (How to Pick Wild Blackberries 101, Howth Peninsula)

500+ random men on FB: “Are you single?” Elder H*ckathorn, about pday plans: “Am gan up tha toon fer claes. Also ma hoose is like a midden tha noo so it is.” (Anyone who can tell me what his plans are gets a prize)

See the the screenshot below for my favorite one. It's from Dorrie. 

This week was just so quotable, the problem is I don't remember hardly anything! Hence why I'm looking forward to the resurrection so much.

Fall has made it's home here in the city! A couple of our friends decided they want to be baptized this week! But baptisms are SO illegal again! AND it's the last week of the transfer, aye so it is! 

Ain't that just the way. This week marks half my mission sitting on the couch, so it does. Wouldn't have it any other way now though, would I?

We spent a lot of time sneaking banana bread onto people's porches, teaching the Plan of Salvation, and laughing our way though English class this week (on mute, of course). A nice lady in Jamaica also gave me some great life advice yesterday. Were we teaching her or was she teaching us? There was definitely a power struggle (#SorryWeCan'tJoinYourPyramidScheme) but we love video calls like those.

3 answers to prayers this week! 

1. We felt impressed to find a family on Tuesday and lo and behold we had the sweetest first lesson will a lil brazilian couple! Pray for Diego + Ana please! 

2. I was REALLY craving Subway (never happens, I just love America though and that bread smells SO nostalgic) and I told all the sisters in the Republic that on Saturday morning. THEN the relief society president Alex called us up and randomly brought us to Subway THAT. NIGHT. God is SO GOOD. 

3. We had dinner + FHE with Ivana + her kids, we did an obstacle course with them to teach them about the role of the holy Ghost and gave them CTR rings! And then Ivana said that they had recently lost theirs and that TWO DAYS BEFORE she tried ordering new ones for them but the shipping was too expensive. 

And I just looked right at her little girl and said, “Now, this is what the Holy Ghost can do! He can whisper to me to bring you a new CTR ring even though I didn't know you'd lost yours!”

Aye so He can! I love a quote that says its vain to preach the gospel without the Holy Ghost. Scratch that, its vain to do ANYTHING without Him. Our efforts are IN vain when we think we can do it ourselves. Just save yourself the hassle and see what God thinks. 

Always. Luv u!

Sister A

PS. Saw the ocean today, would recommend. I blew you all some kisses, hope you catch em!

PPS. Sister Ambler (3rd cousin) said we'd better not ever be companions when we were hiking today because we really wanted to climb down to the ocean and Sister Yates and Sister Boss told us no. So maybe in a few years. Wanna come?

Mom PS: Sorry, She didn't send the screenshot from Dorrie!! I guess she is going to keep us in suspense.

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