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Blueberries for Breakfast

Scratch that, I actually ate cookie dough for breakfast lol. 

The reason why my title is Blueberries for Breakfast is because it's almost AUGUST! And those things might seeeeem unrelated, but they're perfectly intertwined. August is my favorite month of the year to eat blueberries in! It's will also mark one year on my mission for me. For this reason, or perhaps because I'll be too busy eating blueberries, I have decided to take a little communication break during the month of August. 

This week was EVENTFUL. Emphasis on FULL. 2 of my favorite days of the week were exchanges with Waterford and Traleeeeeeee! That's right! I got to see SISTER FRANCIS AGAIN and the one and only Sister Wilkinson! I also got to talk to some of my best friends from Tralee which was so nice! We made cookie dough with them too. Come to think of it, pretty much all I ate this week was cookie dough + vegetables.  

I also spent the day with Sister Southworth, my new favorite Italian, who taught me so much about seeing life artistically and finding your center in Christ! She is the sweetest. We taught a lesson in the city for the first time since before quarantine and it just felt so...normal. So RIGHT. We also filmed some fun videos around the city together about the holy ghost! 

Stay tuned on the Come Unto Christ in the Republic of Ireland page! If you don't already follow it I highly recommend it ;)

We found more people this week than we usually found in a transfer (6 weeks) in the rest of my areas!! We had to transfer almost every single friend we have on date to a different area though because they've moved, so this week sorta felt like that stage of rock climbing when you have to let go of a secure footing to reach up to the next one! Not fun, not comfy, but still progress. God is here. So I'm not too worried!

One of the new friends we taught is named Karen! She is from Mexico, and asked if we would help her practice her English by writing letters back and forth. Turns out, she lives just down the street from us haha (what are the odds ?!?! This place is HUGE.) and so instead of posting them to each other we now have a tree in Phoenix Park that we hide letters in for each other when we go running in the mornings! 

As Sister Blatter said, "you sure do have a way of attracting the most intriguing people on FB Sister Allen" That's one way to put it. I've found some CRAZIES this week too haha! 

We were EXHAUSTED by the end of the week and couldn't even string words togetheer properly, so while Sister Blatter was showering I made cookie dough and put it on her pillow and when she found it we just laid on the floor and CRIED. (From laughter.)

There have defintely been some tears lately that were NOT from laughter, but this experience taught me that when you don't know what to do or what you're feeling, 


and the Lord will do wonders for your weary soul.

I hope all you Utahns have a happy pioneer week this week! Just remember, each of you are pioneers in your own special way! 

Try not to burn the desert down with your fireworks! 


Sister Allen


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